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Why All the Fuss About Full Cycle Real Estate Deal?

Can't resist sharing, but we just got our self-storage facility under contract!

What does that mean?

We are going through a Full Cycle Real Estate Deal! And ready to sell the property and exit the deal!

Why is it important?

Taking a real estate deal full cycle is a crucial milestone and accomplishment for real estate investors and syndicators. This basically means that we will operate a real estate investment deal competently and achieve the investment goal.

We can then sell and exit the deal and provide investment returns to our investors and ourselves.

What are the 4 phases of a Full Cycle Deal?

  1. Finding a Deal and Establishing a Plan

  2. Due Diligence & Acquisition

  3. Operations & Asset Management

  4. Sale & Exit

We are proud and happy to share that we are done with 1.) finding a deal and establishing a plan and 2.) due diligence and acquisition. For 3 and 4, we are in process. Yes! We're halfway done with our Full Cycle Deal.

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